About Kid Power

Kid Power Gymnastics is a 8,400 square foot facility conveniently located on Route 20 in Charlton. The facility is equipped with 30 ft Tumbl Trak, full spring floor, uneven bars, balance beams, and specially sized preschool equipment for our Sparks and Zaps classes.

Kid Power Gymnastics is dedicated to providing students with a fun, safe and educational environment. Each student will strive for his or her personal best and focus on individual achievement. Our motto is "empowering kids for a fit and healthy future".

Kid Power Gymnastics is excited to bring gymnastics to the Charlton area!

For more information regarding classes, summer gym jam and open gym, please call, email or visit us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest events and happenings!

Our owner

Kelly Pucci, owner of Kid Power Gymnastics, began dancing at the age of 4 and continued all the way through college.

Kelly attended Roger Williams University where she achieved a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management with a minor in Dance & Performance and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She maintained Dean's List all four years with a 3.8 GPA. She holds certifications in First Aid, CPR, AED.

Kelly dreamed of running her own facility after managing All Stars Gymnastics in Windsor, CT for 5 years. She is passionate about what she does and looks forward to meeting you!

Kid Power Gymnastics Testimonials

Testimonials from families at Kid Power Gymnastics:

Staff is very nice.

My daughter enjoys it & is inspired to continue it at home.

It is so new & clean. I also feel a very positive energy upon entering the building. Everyone that works there seems very happy.

It’s clean, well organized & great location. Friendly & involved staff.

It is fun for my child. She is not a kid whom likes to be pressured to compete.

It’s great all around!

Friendly instructors, knowledgeable staff let kids learn at their own pace.

Instructors are very patient.

My kids get exercise and socialization and learn to follow social norms and cooperate with peers. Friendliness.

It is clean, staff is friendly, kids are having fun.

Easy going, nice facility (clean).

I just think its fun and the kids really enjoy themselves. The staff is awesome also.

I love that it is always different and new and it is nice to see that you are still getting new equipment too.

Everyone is always smiling and even though my daughter is a handful you all seem excited to see her.

I like the variety of the sessions, the routines are modified each class to keep it interesting.

The flexibility of weeks and reasonable cost.

I find the instructors to be very “kid-friendly” and energetic.

Energetic staff, fun activities.

Very kid/family centered, clean, cheerful, motivating.

The classes are really enjoyable.

Fun atmosphere – no pressure.

Instructors seem very professional; I like that I can watch class “from a distance” and the kids have fun. How kid friendly the instructors are with the class.

I love that the kids are always occupied – never waiting in line.

The diversity of the class and the constant activity you have the kids doing.

That only after a few weeks at Kid Power my toddler is following the warm up routine and with the instructor’s help and feedback she has tried all of the activities at her level.

The convenient location for us and the easygoing, fun atmosphere.

Fun, friendly way beginning gymnastics skills are taught. Cleanliness of facility.

That each class is different.... At first I did not know if I should sign her up so young (she is 2) because I didn’t want her to be bored with it by the time she was 3 or 4. But each class teaches her something new and is never the same as the last class.

I love the interactions the instructors have with the children, making it fun for them to learn.

We are so happy that we have tried Kid Power. It is a wonderful new area business. Best wishes for your future.

My daughter has made huge improvements – it is very exciting to see her learn quickly and enjoy it so much. Thank you.

Keep up the great work =)

I am so glad that this has become available in our area. My daughter loves it!

Staff is great! We have been very happy with our experience at Kid Power!

We are having fun. Thank you!

You've done a great job!

Congrats on the first year. So happy you opened in Charlton – wish you many years of success!

Good job ladies!

I love how the instructor works with just my child at least three to four times each class and because she is so warm and welcoming my child runs right up to her to try an activity.

I am glad she is having a great experience at Kid Power.

I like the month to month structure, not full year commitment.

Great job, I am so happy that I found this opportunity for my daughter!

I think you all are amazing women, so friendly and caring…keep up the good work ladies!.