Kid Power Gymnastics Class Information

Sparks (formerly called Parent & Tot Power) (Ages 1.5 - 4)

Parent (or adult 18+) assistance is required. Students in this 45 minute class learn to follow directions, improve balance, develop gross motor skills, gain strength and build self-confidence. Classes use preschool gymnastics equipment including trampolines, bars, balance beams, and colorful props. We strongly encourage setting up a trial class for this age group.

Zaps (formerly called Kinder Power) (Ages 4 - 6 )

This 45 minute class is designed to increase your child’s coordination, muscle development, and socials skills. Instructors use a variety of preschool equipment including trampolines, bars, balance beams and colorful props. This class is similar to Parent & Tot Power except students attend class without a parent.

Shockwaves (formerly called Kid Power for Girls)(Ages 6 - 12)

This hour long school age gymnastics class introduces girls to the various gymnastics apparatus including floor, balance beam, bars, vault and trampoline. Students also spend class time developing balance, flexibility, strength, confidence and body awareness. There are different levels of this class and students are moved up by skill level achievement.

Turbos (formerly called Kid Power for Boys) (Ages 6 - 10)

This class is a one hour long class involving the floor, bars, vault, trampoline, strength and conditioning. Boys will increase their agility, balance, coordination and body awareness which helps not only with gymnastics but with various sports.